Georgia August 2013

The site of Bavra-Ablari is a Mesolithic-Chalcolithic rock shelter, located on the Javakheti plateau in the valley of a tributary of the Kura River. Excavations have been carried out by a Georgian-French team since 2012, supervised by Ana Mgeladze, Christine Chataigner and Bastien Varoustikos.

Bavra-Ablari excavation, 2013 (Photo L. Martin)

Bavra-Ablari excavation, 2013 (Photo L. Martin)

The Chalcolithic layer produced a significant amount of material that supports a reoccupation of the highlands during the mid-5th millennium BCE, as well as the development of subsistence strategies better adapted to this environment.

My role is to identify plant macroremains on the site, while Alexia Decaix, another member of the team, studies charcoal remains.

This short field mission aimed at supervising archaeobotanical sampling and to sieve (flotation) part of the sediment on the site of Bavra-Ablari.

Bavra-Ablari excavation, 2013 (Photo L. Martin)

Bavra-Ablari excavation, 2013 (Photo L. Martin)


Preliminary results delivered both gathered and cultivated plants. The excavation is still on-going and with more samples, we hope to give new highlights on plant exploitation, agriculture and diet of these prehistoric populations.


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